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From 2001- 2007 this was the website for the Lethbridge Family Services .
The content below is from the site's 2001-2008 archived pages.
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1107 2A Avenue N
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1H 0E6

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We believe that the family, more than any other institution, shapes the personality and character of every person. We also believe that the nature of life in society is, in a large part, determined by the quality of family life. Every individual, regardless of circumstances is a family member. Lethbridge Family Services is committed to assisting individuals and family units to improve their functioning at home, at work and in the community. This is achieved by understanding and dealing adequately with situation that adversely affect their lives.

Lethbridge Family Services is a private, non-profit community agency dedicated to providing services to those in need, regardless of economic status.
The Agency takes an active role in the development of societal conditions which encourage healthy family life through inter-agency cooperation and community planning.
Lethbridge Family Services is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and managed by a professional staff. The Agency is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Family and Children.


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DaCapo Services Program

Our unique service delivery fosters proactive, innovative results to  individuals and families affected by brain injury, developmental disabilities, and/or alcohol related birth disorders.

We are a professional team dedicated to empowering growth, choice and independence. By utilizing community resources and each individuals network, we create opportunities that maximize personal potential.

DaCapo is an Italian "musical' term that means to "repeat from the beginning'. The goal of the program is to increase and/or maintain independence and encourage integration within the community. Individuals are assisted as much as possible in assuming and exercising control over their own lives and circumstances.

Counselling Department

Mission Statement

We believe in the right of clients to maximize their full and unique potential for healthy living through our professional, effective and accountable services.

We believe that staff of Lethbridge Family Services are a valuable and integral part of the agency's health and well-being.

On April 1, 2000, Lethbridge Family Services began providing service through the Counselling Department.   The Department was a part of the Counselling and Education Department, but was designated its own department when Lethbridge Family Services was awarded the contract to provide services to immigrants and refugees which was combined with the Outreach and Educational services.

The Counselling Department is funded by a wide range of funding sources, including Sun Country Children's Authority, United Way of Lethbridge and District, Employment Assistance Programs, third party funders, client fees, and short term government initiatives.

The Counselling Department offers a full continuum of services, providing individual, couple, family counselling and therapy groups. The Department divides its service delivery into General Counselling, Sexual and Domestic Violence - Adults, Sexual and Domestic Violence - Children, Employee Assistance Programs (E.A.P.) 


Outreach and Educational Services

Mission Statement

We believe in the right of clients to maximize their full and unique potential for healthy living through our professional, effective and accountable services.
We believe that staff of Lethbridge Family Services are a valuable and integral part of the agency's health and well-being.

The Outreach and Educational Services is primarily funded by the Alberta Mental Health Board and Lethbridge Life Long Learning. It offers presentations/workshops and personal growth groups on a variety of topics. Outreach services focuses on providing individual support services for those affected by a suicide and a sexual assault as well as community networking with key agencies and community members to facilitate a stronger community. 

Immigrant Services

 Mission Statement

 To promote independence and integration of immigrants and refugees to Canada by providing support services in obtaining skills and knowledge for long-term success at home, school, work and in the community. 

On April 1, 2000, Lethbridge Family Services began providing service through the Immigrant Services Program. It is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Alberta Human Resources and Employment.

Immigrant Services provides information and orientation, interpretation and translation,community referrals, support services, public awareness and community initiatives. 



More Background On Lethbridge Family Services

Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) is a pivotal organization in Southwestern Alberta, renowned for its dedication to improving the well-being and quality of life for individuals and families in the region. This registered charity operates through four primary service departments: DaCapo Disability Services, Immigrant Services, Home Services, and Counselling, Outreach, and Education, addressing a wide spectrum of community needs. The executive leadership under Sandra Mintz, Chief Executive Officer, ensures the delivery of highly accredited health and social services, reflecting the organization's commitment to quality and care.

The Immigrant Services department stands out as a cornerstone of LFS's offerings, positioned as the largest human service not-for-profit agency in Lethbridge dedicated to newcomers. This department offers comprehensive support for immigrants and refugees, aiding their settlement and integration into Canadian society. The services range from providing essential information and orientation about Lethbridge and Canadian society, to interpretation and document translation, as well as facilitating community connections through volunteer programs and supporting immigrant students within the school system. Their aim is to ease the transition for Permanent Residents, landed immigrants, convention refugees, Minister’s Permit holders, and refugee claimants, ensuring they have the support needed to adapt and thrive in their new environment​​.

LFS also places a strong emphasis on community engagement and support through various initiatives, such as the annual Angel Tree campaign. The 31st Angel Tree campaign, led by co-chair Karen Nemeth, exemplifies the organization's commitment to the community, aiming to provide gifts for children in the region during the holiday season. With a fundraising goal set at $180,000 and a call for 500 volunteers, the campaign underscores the spirit of giving and community support that defines LFS. This initiative not only brings joy to children during the holidays but also strengthens community bonds, highlighting the interconnectedness and mutual care that are central to LFS's mission​​.

In summary, Lethbridge Family Services is a beacon of support and care in Southwestern Alberta, offering a broad range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of its community members. From aiding newcomers in their journey towards integration into Canadian society to fostering a culture of giving through community initiatives like the Angel Tree campaign, LFS is a vital resource committed to the health, well-being, and prosperity of individuals and families in the region.



Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) has established a strong reputation for its impactful community initiatives and programs, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness in supporting various societal needs in Southwestern Alberta. The organization's broad range of services and successful campaigns reflect its critical role in the community.

LFS was awarded a significant grant of $210,570 from the Government of Alberta to support its sexual violence counselling program. This funding is part of a broader initiative to address counselling wait-lists and provide immediate support to sexual assault survivors across the province, underscoring the trust and recognition LFS has garnered for its essential services​​.

The organization's community engagement efforts are highlighted through events like "The Annie Effect," a charity initiative designed to inspire charitable giving in memory of a young family member lost too soon. Such events not only raise funds for LFS's diverse programs but also amplify its visibility and popularity in the community, fostering a spirit of generosity and support​​.

The annual Angel Tree campaign is another testament to LFS's popularity and impact, now in its 31st year. This initiative successfully brings the southern Alberta community together to donate and fundraise, aiming to provide gifts for children during the holiday season. The campaign's ambitious goals, including a fundraising target of $180,000 and the mobilization of 500 volunteers, highlight the community's high engagement and the campaign's widespread recognition​​.

Furthermore, the organization's focus on vocational training and employment readiness is exemplified by the Reaching Independence through Skills & Employment (RISE) program, from which the first group of participants successfully graduated. The RISE program is noted for being unique to LFS in southern Alberta, offering participants valuable work experience opportunities, thereby enhancing their work skills, time management, communication, and problem-solving abilities. This initiative not only aids individual development but also contributes to the broader societal impact of LFS​​.

Lethbridge Family Services' ability to attract donations and support through platforms like CanadaHelps.org further emphasizes its esteemed position within the community and the broader charitable landscape in Canada. This platform enables LFS to receive contributions from a wide audience, supporting its mission to improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals and families in Southwestern Alberta​.

Collectively, these aspects underscore the popularity and impact of Lethbridge Family Services, highlighting its crucial role in providing essential services, fostering community engagement, and contributing to the societal well-being in Southwestern Alberta.


Press & Media Coverage

Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) has received considerable press and media coverage for its diverse range of impactful programs and initiatives aimed at supporting various community needs in Southwestern Alberta. These initiatives highlight LFS's commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in the region.

One of the hallmark programs that received attention is the annual Angel Tree Christmas Campaign, which, in its 31st year, aimed to support around 3,800 children by creating gift bundles for babies, children, and youth around the region. The campaign's goal was to foster a spirit of giving and community solidarity, making a significant difference during the holiday season​​.

CTV News covered the story of LFS's Angel Tree Christmas Campaign getting underway, showcasing the community's involvement and support for the initiative. The campaign signifies LFS's ongoing efforts to bring joy and support to those in need during critical times of the year​​.

LFS has also been proactive in creating spaces that aid in the holistic well-being of its clients. The opening of a new courtyard at the LFS north office was highlighted as a significant addition, providing a meditative and gathering space for clients, employees, and stakeholders. This space features a meditation area, play area, and gardens, funded by the City of Lethbridge and Gregg Distributors, underscoring the collaborative effort in enhancing community well-being​​.

The organization has celebrated the graduation of the first group of participants from the Reaching Independence through Skills & Employment (RISE) program, marking a significant milestone in providing vocational training and employment readiness. This unique program is designed to empower individuals with improved work skills, time management, communication, and problem-solving abilities, contributing to their personal and professional development​​.

Moreover, LFS has initiated the RISE program, focusing on employment training for adults with developmental disabilities. The program includes courses in life skills, workplace math and literacy, work preparation, and practicums, aiming to enroll around 20 students. This initiative reflects LFS's commitment to inclusivity and support for all community members, providing a strong pathway to employment and full participation in their communities​​.

These diverse initiatives and the press coverage they have received highlight LFS's dynamic approach to community service and its significant impact on improving lives in Southwestern Alberta.


Known For

Lethbridge Family Services (LFS) is widely recognized for its comprehensive and impactful contributions to community support and development in Southwestern Alberta. This recognition is based on several key initiatives and areas of service that the organization has been involved in, as highlighted by various sources:

  1. Support for Sexual Violence Survivors: LFS received significant funding to enhance its sexual violence support services, underlining its commitment to providing essential services to survivors of all ages and genders. This funding aims to address immediate concerns such as counselling wait-lists, ensuring timely and effective support for survivors​.

  • Angel Tree Christmas Campaign: An annual initiative that has become synonymous with LFS, the Angel Tree Christmas Campaign exemplifies the organization's dedication to community spirit and giving. The campaign focuses on collecting donations and gifts for children in need during the holiday season, demonstrating LFS's role in fostering community solidarity and support​.

  • Innovative Spaces for Healing and Community Engagement: LFS has been proactive in creating spaces that facilitate healing and community engagement. The opening of a new courtyard at their north office, featuring a meditation area, play area, and gardens, showcases LFS's innovative approach to enhancing the well-being of its clients, employees, and the wider community​.

  • Vocational Training and Employment Readiness Programs: LFS has launched programs like the Reaching Independence through Skills & Employment (RISE) program, aimed at providing vocational training and employment readiness. This initiative highlights LFS's commitment to empowering individuals through education and skill development, enhancing their employability and independence​.

  • Employment Training for Adults with Disabilities: The organization offers specialized programs designed to support adults with developmental disabilities in gaining employment. These programs include courses in life skills, workplace math, literacy, and work preparation, reflecting LFS's inclusive approach to community support and its dedication to providing pathways to employment for all community members​.

Through these initiatives and more, Lethbridge Family Services is known for its comprehensive support systems, its innovative approach to community service, and its unwavering commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families in Southwestern Alberta.



Lethbridge Family Services, the largest community social and health services organization in Lethbridge, began as the Lethbridge Nursing Mission in 1910. It now employs over 380 people and annually assists more than 9,300 individuals and families across four main departments: Home Services, Immigrant Services, Counselling, Outreach & Education, and DaCapo Disability Services​​.



Lethbridge Family Services is recognized for its "Friend of the Family Award," which reflects its commitment to community service and excellence. For more details about their awards and recognitions, please visit their official website​​.


Cultural & Social Significance

Lethbridge Family Services holds cultural and social significance in the community by supporting diverse groups including immigrants, individuals with disabilities, and families in need. Their initiatives enhance community integration, support individuals' well-being, and promote inclusivity. Through programs like the Angel Tree Christmas Campaign and employment training for adults with disabilities, they foster a sense of belonging and provide crucial resources that contribute to the holistic development of the community.